I am edible. The bones I leave become crafts of cloth and clay. What am I?

3 years ago
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The more you try to look at me, the less you can see.
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This simple process, is used far in wide, in fictional universes where they are very hard to hide. The tingling sensation, and then time slows down, the slow death is ground to a halt, and your body turns the color of ...
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You can find me underneath a tree, or maybe where you've settled, but never when your on the go, or when the wind of change begins to blow.
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I hide in the dark, and if you hear me coming you should hark, for inside my body I have no heart, and my love and I shall leave you lifeless, in the dark.
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Breath saves, but not in this case as I bury my pain in your chest. So many people did I bring down through my life, and then I was forced away, exiled and for good reason. (2 words).
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Start with a six-letter word. Tack on a contraction and it looks for answers on its own, or tack on a conjuction and it will investigate only what is right in front of it. The former is alive, while the latter is ...
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I have a metaphor bag. It contains a needle, a magnet, and the news. Did I lose you?
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Sweet salty, covers your tongue, crunch crunch, but the taste is still there. Many colors many tastes, and many things, but the substance is almost always there.
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Green ice draws Finn's ire.


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