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I look flat, but I am deep, Hidden realms I shelter. Lives I take, but food I offer. At times I am beautiful. I can be calm, angry and turbulent. I have no heart, but offer pleasure as well as death. No man can own me, yet I encompass what all men must have. What am I?

Riddle posted 3 years ago by TheRiddl3r

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Riddlewot Chat

01-09-22 @ 8:29am
Riddlewot: thanks for stopping by! do you have any requests or ideas for improvement?

07-09-22 @ 1:38am
konjo: hi every1

10-09-22 @ 11:15am
TheRiddl3r: "Make You Feel My Love" was originally written and performed by which singer-songwriter?

10-09-22 @ 11:15am
TheRiddl3r: Bob Dylan

10-09-22 @ 11:15am
TheRiddl3r: Adele

10-09-22 @ 11:15am
TheRiddl3r: Elvis

10-09-22 @ 11:15am
TheRiddl3r: Billy Joel

10-09-22 @ 11:15am
TheRiddl3r: To answer simply type !your answer

10-09-22 @ 11:16am
Riddlewot: !Adele

12-09-22 @ 7:56am
Riddlewot: !bob Dylan

12-09-22 @ 7:56am
TheRiddl3r: Riddlewot is correct with the answer bob Dylan

12-09-22 @ 7:57am
TheRiddl3r: What was the most populous city in the Americas in 2015?

12-09-22 @ 7:57am
TheRiddl3r: Mexico City

12-09-22 @ 7:57am
TheRiddl3r: Los Angeles

12-09-22 @ 7:57am
TheRiddl3r: New York

12-09-22 @ 7:57am
TheRiddl3r: São Paulo

12-09-22 @ 7:57am
TheRiddl3r: To answer simply type !your answer

13-09-22 @ 7:57pm
Riddlewot: ohhhh look at that leaderboard! 2 users coming first

14-09-22 @ 11:27pm
cherry: hola, i am back

15-09-22 @ 7:05am
Riddlewot: Welcome back

17-09-22 @ 10:11am
guest0315: This website is amazing

17-09-22 @ 10:12am
guesta583: Where is everyone from?

19-09-22 @ 3:35pm
guestfe16: hi

20-09-22 @ 2:20am
gueste639: hi

20-09-22 @ 2:20am
gueste639: i need a riddle for "hexagon" as output

20-09-22 @ 2:20am
gueste639: plesase give some questions as fast as possible

20-09-22 @ 8:27am
guest1c7c: What is the answer to "What has a heard that does not beat?"

20-09-22 @ 8:27am
guest1c7c: heart*

20-09-22 @ 8:47am
Innocuous: valentine and artichoke comes to mind

21-09-22 @ 3:14am
guestbade: Artichoke says it's wrong but it's warmer.

21-09-22 @ 6:53am
Riddlewot: There was a typo, "artichoke" is the correct answer.

22-09-22 @ 6:17pm
guest000a: hi

23-09-22 @ 2:44am
guest53e0: Hi.

23-09-22 @ 6:07am
guestb384: hi

23-09-22 @ 6:26am
guestf011: In what year did the North American Video Game Crash occur?