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When split apart, I sound violent. Otherwise I move very fast.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 4 / 154
Incorrect Guesses
lightning breakfast baseballs electrons backdraft bombshell photonsss frenchobr freclchhr breakaleg bulletcar atomicbob machinery soundwave avalanche supernova blackhole killerbee meteorite frequency whipcrack starquake shockwave brakeneck fireworks 123456789 123457976 womenvoic carwheels punchline bulletram rockslide landslide tectonics ertaukdne earthquak molecules idku bi l molicules something redbricks juhybuyhu usainbolt hfhxhfhfg somebutts slingshot sonicboom otherwise buttholes skillsaws deadbeats kidsheads lightrays particles aerotrain twinbabie shellshot shotshell atombombs swearring manganese magnesium lanthalum germanium amplitude magnitude snowflake raincloud broadcast amplifier inflation hurricane electrics drumstick radiation hjkfgftfh hydrougen sunshines explosion microwave collision

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was derekml
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