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I'm what you'll smell in the morning and I'll stay on you if you're not careful enough.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 10 / 583
Incorrect Guesses
coffee breath mildew mother djsbdf dhdndn aasdff dssdtk oxygen breads nothin banana sweats garlic dookie deuces shower sewage ciggar purple lotion soapee nookie knifes sexsex 18 cofvef grease soapss deodar bacons catnip funges njjjhg furnac spider breakf odorrr vomits pollen stench sulfur saliva sulfer napkin nectar noodle nipple nugget grittnapkin plaque glutes gnarly froggy fungus fluids sweaty armpit scents faeces waters polish facial energy earthy duvets sleepy dingey dinner crotch coitus stinks boxers briefs breeze slimey smelly bathed rheums nighty undies

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was Sarah
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