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I'm well crafted, and suited for a particular holiday. Be careful, however, it's only if you can handle it.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 3 / 619
Incorrect Guesses
bur burned burgoo burled burlap burkes burked buries burial bureau burdie burins burier burgle burghs burger burbot burbly burans buqsha buppie buoyed bunyas bunter bunted bunkum bunkos bunion bunker bunged bungee bulgur bullae bundts bundle buncos bunchy bumphs bumper bummer bumble bumkin bulled bulged bulbul bulbil bulbel bulble bulbar builds bugsha bugler bugled bugger bugged bugeye buffos buffet buffer budgie budget budges budger budged buddle budder buckra buckos buckle bucket buccal buboed bubled buboes bubale bryony brutes brutal brushy brunts brunet

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