Forwards I am heavy, backwards I am not. What am I?

Riddle posted 11 months ago by Guest

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guestc9ac: !answer 2 weeks ago

guest8eca: !answer 2 weeks ago

guest9f6a: Hi 2 weeks ago

guestbafc: Shoe 2 weeks ago

guest5eea: !answer 2 weeks ago

guest5eea: !answer 2 weeks ago

guest392e: !answer 2 weeks ago

guestc345: !answer 2 weeks ago

guest4ba3: !ear 2 weeks ago

guestfc5f: !your answer 2 weeks ago

Riddlewot: !shoe 2 weeks ago

TheRiddl3r: In the Half-Life series, Gordon Freeman's signature weapon is a: 2 weeks ago

TheRiddl3r: Fiber Wire 2 weeks ago

TheRiddl3r: Crowbar 2 weeks ago

TheRiddl3r: Katana 2 weeks ago

TheRiddl3r: Sledgehammer 2 weeks ago

TheRiddl3r: To answer simply type !your answer 2 weeks ago

guest8feb: !crowbar 2 weeks ago

TheRiddl3r: guest8feb is correct with the answer crowbar 2 weeks ago

guest5e95: Trina was playing with her little brother when her mother entered her room. The mother told Trina that she would be at the supermarket that was 30 minutes away from their house to buy some food, Trina said alright and after her mom left the house she noticed that her brother fell asleep. So she placed him on the bed and she walked out the room. About twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang and she went to check. She opened the door to see her mother standing there in front of the safety gate? 2 weeks ago

guest5e95: !answer 2 weeks ago

guest5e95: !your answer 2 weeks ago

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guest848c: !answer 2 weeks ago

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guest39a1: !youranswer 1 week ago

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gueste978: !your answer 1 week ago

guest808d: !your answer 1 week ago

guest808d: !crowbar 1 week ago

guest3190: boobs 1 week ago

Riddlewot: hi 2 days ago

guestf333: !answer 1 day ago

Maddyh: Hi! Sorry I havent been on in a while guys 6 hrs ago

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