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I obscure, confuse, disguise, distort, hide, or even reverse the truth.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 3 / 101
Incorrect Guesses
diffraction distortions delusionary misundersta politicians theinternet falsewarnin thetabloids speeeeeeech fabrication donaldtrump doublethink dissolution disclaimers snige thisstu pidriddleoo thedeadmens governments posting socialmedia fauxjustice distraction adsasaddsad idkhntrnhfd pooiinthelo hrtknhjtrkl oklllllllll nopitydodad pwnnenwmenq ewwewwewewe truthbender 77754873483 klkdsfbkjds jsbjbjkfskj earaserstgt kaleidescop 479868449bb xdbnkfklgox hojsoitgjof x90dutggios dehtrgpsodt rptjihsoifg khfjdfbdjva 11011011101 11111111111 11111223455 ireallydont pairheadjer oppositeday jfjdjekekek asdfasdfasd twowayglass dyslexia111 fhdsgfuhyds imagination uuuuuuuuuuu niggg idk11111111 perceptions concealment masquerades hhhhhhhhhhh costumeplay masquerader reflections broadcaster information advertising propagandas demystifies obfuscation exaggeratio deceptivity definitions uncertainty cirstanc suppression smokescreen govenerment rightclicks

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was mattamatic
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