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I'm a thief, hard to notice, and leave some for dead. I steal what you need; my calling card is red.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 16 / 136
Incorrect Guesses
parasite bleeding misquito peterpan murderer criminal heartets exitsign subtract negative bankrupt stopsign jealousy vampires pnumonia bacteria diseases realator jackgibb brandoni boogiess queeeeer yomamama muskrats meerkats marmoset magician mongoose matadors meeeeeee muhammed gangster vigelant badlucks intruder burgalar fukinfag thiefred redthief scavenge predator misqitos werewolf mustelid abokejhd vultures aneurysm bleedout sickness insomnia assassin imyyy examinor doctorrr medicppl abortion dogss elephant crackfox crocdile homeless raccoons anteater deadiman riddlers excuseme sunlight animals1 dontknow persona5 midnight callings madarame mortalit monalisa oxygennn planters shoplift theirsss internet cashiers

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was mattamatic
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