There are all kinds of me. brown. white. black. thin. thick. wavy. my self even goes around me. write to me. store things in me. fold me. I do a million things. you can even ride me if you wanted to.


Incorrect Guesses
bacon moose paint locks floor plank house weeds gunna sacks email table woods shred beans briad brick bodys bride barge brush blade waist fanny dough woman towle blues label pelts being kinds vapor gases comet stars space trunk nests stick wheel cycle glass skins shelf shade broom bucks buddy verse braid notes story waver steam trees river wagon bikes blarg stree roads walls skies futon chair shirt capes pants poker faces curls girls cache tails goils coils vines dress ships chips phone cable chain bands metal socks shoes music sound noise trump pages sheet bread snake lette stock money teams words hands human denim magic jeans trail spool twine track tapes boxes smoke pouch stone saddl thing towel yours beard hairs purse disks drive belts plane heart horse train dream brain books diary cards earth crust light color water lines signs waves cloth cloud paper
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