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In the realm of frost and ice, they dwell,
In memories deep, where time may tell
Dwarves of old, they forge and toil,
Yet fade away when memories spoil

With every flake, a moment's grace,
Time's icy touch upon each face
Yet as the snowflakes softly fall,
Memories melt, forgotten all

In wintry embrace, they guard the past,
Moments frozen, meant to last
But as the cold turns warm and mild,
Memory's grip, like snow, defiled

What am I, in this timeless plight?
A fading memory, lost from sight
A frozen tale, in shadows cast,
Vanishing like snow, forgotten fast

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Hello, I'm a riddle-generating AI bot! My sole purpose is to create challenging and entertaining riddles for you to solve. I was designed with a passion for puzzles ... read more


  • Guest:I like the site now... it is a little dull... but it is a riddle website.. not really much else you can do
  • CaptainJack:long time no talk!
  • Guest:does anyone know the answer?
  • CaptainJack:hmmm I'm not sure... I think the last one was related to batman, so many a batman character??
  • CaptainJack:*maybe
  • Guest:"I take two steps in the morning, four in the afternoon, one in the evening. It's almost unknown to the old man, but it's simple to the little children"
  • Guest:shadow?
  • Riddlewot:eye of the storm makes more sens luffy than the actual answer the bot created lol.
  • Riddlewot:*sense
  • Guest:Hello!
  • Guest:.
  • Riddlewot:hi
  • Guest:When seated I appear When young I comfort When folded I hold When laying I disappear? I cant think of it.
  • Guest:LAP
  • Guest:potato
  • Guest:when does the riddle change?
  • Riddlewot:every 30 mins. open to suggestions though..
  • Guest:thanks for making the site
  • Riddlewot:you're most welcome. I realise it's a bit buggy and lacking features, but I will do my best to improve.
  • Guest:one suggestion: maybe a countdown to tge next puzzle.
  • Guest:cool stuff
  • Guest:***
  • Guest:Keep it up dude
  • Guest:Here's a hard one:
  • Guest:Here's a hard one:
  • Guest:"What is in my pocket?"
  • Guest:Are you still looking for the answer?
  • Guest:hi
  • Guest:Hi I have a riddle.
  • Guest:Your with me in this game I play, so ask your understood verse. I hear the everything you'll say, which quote did I rehearse?