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To be or not to be, I say why not both?
Who am I?

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 5 / 142
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shakespeare siamesetwin seanseghost shakespears socialmedia mexicangirl scrhodinger shakespeere strangeness singularity subjectives solipsistic schopenhaur shopenhauer shuckspeare kierkegaard commercials sharespeare shakespeace dissappears philisophes wobbuffettt showdingers spanishgirl princhamlot shakesphere indecisived undecidable subcontrary symmetrical mudaers tacogirldjf whynotbothm severussnap shakespaere shakespasso soliloquist shrugspeare sheakesbear schroedinge urmomis1 dr.zoidberg elpasotacos paradoxical dougharding shakesspear harambeeeee justiceforh necronomico thememegirl linguistics jesuschrist hamomlettes abcitseasya sdfghjklo98 dghjkjhgfdg liarparadox tganongreat inkcandefea rittenonlyl wehelpitisw ihmmmhowcan andofkorida eizedtheisl inionshaves anonandhism ourmajestyg ganonsuptoy wonderwhatg iveforijust warriorsstr whatalltrue thispeaceis dheremahboi boringaroun geeitsureis havelayers1 eonionsthey ogresarelik archimedess shrekmy

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was mdjoiner2
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