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I have seven eyes but cannot see, what am I?

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 4 / 105
Incorrect Guesses
chandeliers ultraviolet mississippi undershirts unicyclists umbrellabag underthesea underlining invisibilit ultrasounds ultravision sevenchakra universeeye unlacedshoe underground undertakers iiiiiiiiiii twentypound harpsichord stupidriddl candelabrum kilimanjaro thesevensea motorcycles lacedupshoe laceupshoes intensified uredospores planetearth alaceupshoe revelations apocalirsis caterpillar needleaaasd vsauseggghh bnnnnnnnnnn shoelacehol gobblegobbl untiedshoes blindperson catapillers tennisshoes sneakerlace sholacehole myeslelfmdm archimedean sevenplanes holytrinity sagittarius starofdavid equilateral insensitive inseperable insightfull illusionist illiterates incentivize incentivise persiangulf pocketwatch atlanticsea deckofcards rotaryphone mesopotamia heckelphone fippleflute germanflute dollarbills hexadecimal oldmcdonald racquetball decimalized blindspider butterflies bakedpotato potatoskins quarterback 7deadlysins olympicgods

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was mattamatic
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