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I flow when I'm used well, but water I'm not. I'm seen in music, science, and art. All of you love me, being here is the proof. I'm what's needed to show you the truth.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 4 / 202
Incorrect Guesses
write water sound music hints notes rhyme times storm truth guess riddl sheet lines voice space point theme unity libel color paint speak logic waves wavey waive waver ideas world whick wands winds wires wills isaac maths brain magma moola cashs money phone hairs think thout thoug white light sight datas right qsmfm easnf dfcxn goose trail lives brush asdfg asdfd tidal radio ocean river retar natur sdddd flats sharp minor major fluid ccccc bbbbb aaaaa start quiet metal lavaa milks

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