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I may be ancient, but a part of me becomes something unique to decipher.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 7 / 415
Incorrect Guesses
codec cross codes crypt tomen prune runes guess ciphe cuils comet conic claim clues court coils cloth cords clock caese noooo leaks rtgre 31423 35735 u6587 t5345 jfdtr dasfd hgsra afdga adgfs gcgfd cdsfg sdgtw fszrs dfghs jdgfh adgda adgds aghfj dsgss fdsjd fdags srghs sergs dfgrs dgrsd srgsd rstgf rdsgf gfdgs sgdry t5e4t y54y6 fghts dh5rt fdght gfdhs gfdhj jdgfj fdhsd fhfsd asfds asdgs sfdga sdfhs abcdf lands world druid image truth music brain tales maths facts legen tombs books

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was RETEP
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