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Somthing happnd with my kyboard whn I put a cap on a vowl.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 10 / 183
Incorrect Guesses
estuck eeeeee remove happen vowele vowels locked effect erased errors letter loldud stupid broken macron eracer eraser capslk delete erasur supere eeeeie eeeee! eeeees eeeese eeesee eeseee eseeee enters novowl epress gadsby rmovit caploc caplok eloped limitd ecsape erases entity ebolaa eevowl epsoms electr failss enough energy cnsnnt notnot capowl ruined eraese eeeeeb mnhkhv aeiouy capone stoppd qwerty qwrtyu middle longee accent helpme riddle retepe retepa capita elepha schwas elifen eliphe alexad 456789 123456 alexan icplos noeees shifts

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was RETEP
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