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What is it that has scales, but is not fish, has a crown, but is not a king?

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 10 / 378
Incorrect Guesses
ducklings amphibian dragonfly idkidkidk ddddddddd azertyuio crocodile alligator guavaghff nopeeeeee dragonjdj bdbbdhdbd iiiilxlsl froggdhbd bartolome starapple elizabeth gahahavsh kingpiano nljhghtfe danyhubjv poooooooo higthggyh wfwqawdwa ejfkbtggf pinnapple butterfly fufferfis universal ghjghjghj kingcobra djsdakdsk fishkinge apinapple cakescale basillisk toothbrus insturmen megaladon swordfish hhhhhhhhh thhhhhhhh pteradons lightning tyhgtyujy kingsnake idkwutiti dragonono sadsadwqd ostriches competiti gdnxjdjxk hippopita yyytttttt xdawdawda mermc fartingst adodododo upbsksndb chameleon snakeiygh statuesss zxcxzclol ffjjjjjjj idkjjjeje daffyasdf idkatasdh asddfsdsf urgtwcofu jfvnuirau jumpinglo gfvhwfwgg idkhijnnj unknown.. hdndnjdjd starfishy idkbbhghh currencys seahorses aristocra buttasdfa

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