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I am not a color. But I'm light and not. At night I will blend in. I can be moved but I'm not a shadow. Drop me and I will float down. If you see me I look unreal. Give me sound and I will be. Give me not and I will stay. Touch me and I die away.

Number of correct answers vs guesses: 15 / 2380
The first user to correctly answer this riddle was password1200
Incorrect Guesses
hallucinat feathersss yaccannoet spiderwebs blanketsss feathereds undentifie visualized vibrations visibility reflection sheetmusic apperation reflection fethersdgy vaportrail darkmatter antimatter sunlighttt reflection gehhrgjyeg volumeknob vibrations vaporising vaporizers illusioned shaunakkkk atmosphere illuminate reflection soundwaves 5555555555 visibility ultraviole watervapor watervapor watervapor watervapor raindroops cellphones alarmclock brightness brightness brightness waterbubbl vibrations soundwaves reflection lightwaves waterdrops lumination luminescen crustacean vibrations variations vibrations vibrations vaporettos volatility vaporiform vermilions
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