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I have the power to bring down mice and men. To beat me you better be fast!

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 8 / 117
Incorrect Guesses
disease shotgun gamepad cheetah tornado bullets pistols gorilla giraffe goannas gunplay graboid spiders rattrap oldages ratrace gavvity pencils illness nuclear mmmmmmm turtles poverty trapsas posions cougars cheeses kittens gunshot ricinic rabbits pellets trexess poisons you caracal lololol bigcars wildcat god1234 artiler females womans1 elephan lennyss bellets trumpus weapons racisms laserrr musices giantss meteoir meteors asteroi surgery revolve handgun curdles vasilin panther leopard jaguars ocelots stilton thunder bobcats pitfall mousers confine ing kitties felines mnummmm cheatah dildoen georges plagues picture admires weareto

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was Fiddler420
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