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I am the region between Black and White.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 10 / 803
Incorrect Guesses
underworlds uzbeskistan unconfirmed ultrasounds ultralights underlineds undelinedss ultraviolet worldofgrey switzerland hhhhhhhhhhu vmhbhhhhhhb translusent transparent separations indianocean hemispheres untiedstate shadesofgre understands lackandwhit chessboards unovaregion contentment ultravioelt yhghhgfgggg translucent dimensional lightswitch underground hoennregion kalosregion untouchable cremefillin thegrayarea umcertainty equilibrium ultraviloet chocolatess colourwheel chessquares unoveregion hexadecimal shadeofgray shadeofgrey lightcolors colorlights undetermine purgatories universeall sbutt color wheel unoviregion undellatown unovaleague uasdfasdfas uunderstair economyrultraviolet policeeyaaa nothinggggg segregation mississippi intercessor graynesssss nondescript gimmethesuc therainbows kakakakakak blistr thegreyzone battlefield boardsquare electromagn visiblecolr rgbspectrum allgreycolo lightregion silveregion betweengrey wavelengths rainbowland

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was bledfordays
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