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I go on forever, but I am not a number. What am I?

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 5 / 636
Incorrect Guesses
lightbeams cheesehead lifecycles trackmeets outerspace sufferings timetimeti irrational spaceyrave spaceballs erhobebouo mebhkgddvn unknvivjjb hdhsgbdjjs numberssss buildingss imaginatio vngvfrbrhr snsjsndnsn logarithms fraction02 somethingi lemniscatr notanumber tiiiiiiime aaaaaaaaaa timeisansw timetravel memorizing projecting maximizing inumerable numberless perpetuity everlastin infinitium steamengin 1111111111 lightspeed timejdjdjj linevector lifeternal mathmaticloopmobius labialized wristwatch infinities dreamworld soundwaves logorrheas logorrheic blackholes creativity fokofpoese bumfuzzeld razzmatazz loquacious milleniums treadmills watermelon loxodromes lovingness longitudes loopholing limelights lengthwise multiverse linguistic legionarre limpbizkit letterhead linearline lineartime lacunacoil quarantine linelength lullabying lacrimosas lovemaking localities livestocks lithograph

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was SometimesWhy
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