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Three by three and squared again - only one solution, partially filled in.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 6 / 149
Incorrect Guesses
sudoko soduku sodoku square soduko eighty sulfur squash eleven stamps snakes sloped slopes sketch scaled scales shapes spaces spades sixths shaded skewed solids sevens soluti htyone twenty ghteen eighte yseven strike sliced secant sphinx wuebet cubicc sqroot aaaaaa second sphere puzzle rubics rubiks squids squibs sixsix 3nd3r5 314159 314596 3nd5r3 squire 927one er yeahhh 333322 333333 323333 333332 magics seract sextic solved answer 818181 3cubed eight1 secret ninety disdik circle rubixs 616161 656q16 sukoku retatr lamexx isxxxx sitexx thisxx lamepg 1stamd

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was 3nd3r5
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