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Follow my procedure exactly as I say for any slight change may cause dismay, let me bask in the heat, then take a seat, let me cool down and pop on my crown.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 5 / 635
Incorrect Guesses
boromir lizards methods dentist chicken brownie souffle sufflle popcorn ghghggg hhhhjjj ggggggg whiskey geoffre kingsey library caramel crumble cobbler cooking crystal ceramic candles chemist tanning meatpie braille brahmin brahmas brahman bradley bourbon boulder boswell bostons borodin borlaug borglum boolean bolshoi bologna bolivia bolivar bohemia boeotia bobbitt blucher bloomer blondie blondel blevins blanche bismark bishkek biggles bigfoot beverly bethune bethany bertram bernini bernice bernays bernard bermuda berlitz berlioz berlins bergson bergman beretta berbers beowulf bentley bentham bennett bengali benelux benares belushi beltane

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was SometimesWhy
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