I soar through the dark icy sky,
In search of your children I fly.
I creep into your house,
While you doze with your spouse,
And steal away when dawn draws nigh.

4 months ago

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Fictional doctors, wild game, and childish games
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What you do, what you give, and what you get.
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How do Batman and Superman get to land?
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A boat's footprints and the sunrise's decree
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Babies, forecasts, and plumbing, what do they have in common?
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Removing a letter each time, aware, present, deny.
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The way you walk, a roadblock, and sometimes locked. What do they have in common?
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Business ventures, prisons, and phones. What do they have in common?
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I belong to you, yet other people use me more often. What am I? (two words)


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