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A scientist found a snake that was about 3.14 inches long. What did he call this snake?

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 6 / 126
Incorrect Guesses
asnake python circle piinch pilong pisnak pieces anthon pietho senpai nikera blaack madusa serpen senpie pirate piedie lizard infant pnakes piesna piseis inches rounds cadaei radial radius radias snakes frostd sinpie posion psnake pythag alfred cosine nython nithon pi hon pankak pinake pissss pither pivate privat piepen piemin perpen pekans p1snak pancak piakes snakep snake3 3snake sience scienc miniat smalls turnov 314152 pieees dinner cookie pigram pisces picces picees pianke 314156 141569 159265 circlr crhhhh citrkk djlolo pieper pisnek

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