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I travel slowly on five, I travel fast on two, and I can fight on one.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 3 / 87
Incorrect Guesses
knuckles robtopxd airplane shoulder platform marriage fulltumy mountain fortytwo dggddygd patience newyears aaaaaaaa tomorrow division automobi thenight nightime down parsecis momentss aabbbfff countdow opposums balldrop aircraft hkhkkhkk dsdsd434 gfgfgfgs rererere lithtrtr lightnin pancreas starwars stallion counting warriors humanity kilogram kerosene kerosine elephant unicycle starfish kilobyte kilowatt keyboard kryptons kangeroo panelvan pickuptr minivans relativy horizont dilation gravitys motorbik kamikaze marsupil monkeyss kkkkkkkk karateck karatekk klondike klondyke internet krackens mmmmmmmm iceskate skatecar bicycles bigblack homosape jjjjjjjj fmemerew

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was mattamatic
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