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Our name is a building where you get power,
We play the same notes for what seems like an hour.
Back in the day people said, "What the heck, yo?"
But now we are highly regarded in tech, no?

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 10 / 98
Incorrect Guesses
kilohertz kilograms powerbank kickstart kilowatts kilobytes gymnasium keyboards microsoft clocktowe pianistss republica swearings construct elevators piggybank keystones kangaroos kangarooo kathedral kingcraft kerosenes kibibytes keystroke kryptonit kilovolts keyescrow kandariya karuizawa kindlings kilocycle kaiserdom kilometer keynoters keybutton killowatt metallica computers noicantri nanananan 123456709 ccccccccc cannibals inapropro submitans laptopsss technolog techonlgy 123456789 noooooooo skyscrape timetower belltower nanoplant cathedral lightning telephone powerhaus warehouse tvstation bloomberg geeksquad damnnnnnn ravemusic inverters yesterday generator techmusic techhouse honeywell windmills capacitor batteries blueenerg darktower

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was MiAmi727
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