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I am my opposite. I don't exist. What am I?

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 45 / 2327
Incorrect Guesses
orig opposite reflecti mirrorin nonexist existenc realitie etisoppo oppisite pharodox somethin asdfghjj helpfull acosmist openness gehdbhxh positive kker33ff alterego invisibl dfadfdad self imaginat nothings anything illusion lighting religion polarise negative mirrored reflects projecti hologram magnetic polarity zerossss absentne illumina myopposi paradoxe mcdonald chipotle emptines shadowss darkness moneytre boooooom asdfghjk nothingg existssw aparadox immagina duplicat boi southpol northpol universe infinity orangess presence obliviou analogue likeness sjfoewja emptynes theanswe everythi jingjang obscured ordinary opinions oblivion obsolete obscolet overhead magnetss official original odorless oddities

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was penMan
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