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I am removed from my flesh, put through the fire, pulverized, and scalded. Every day people demand my bathwater.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 19 / 113
Incorrect Guesses
chicke carrot potato silver hammer orange swords cattle boiler animal pickle solars flower oyster turkey chicks almond tomato oceans bathbo deterg waters people apples leaves laseri teabag cheese fishes kfdfkj christ fatcok jackgi daniel andrew chodes sweats donkey onions clothe cloths horses hosees sewers weathe dryers heater organi skelet boness humans chilli shrimp mathew carbon faucet marrow ceylon canola reekda pooper 982384 344324 tal blooze mepple magazi mistle axiums zebras create candle catsup cashew spring cactus cherry nutmeg spices pepper grapes

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was Dr.Neko
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