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Formerly I am costly, British's dear, but now think about me enough, and the answer is clear. (It's a play on meaning, last phrase is irrelevant)

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 7 / 723
Incorrect Guesses
reindee caribou sterlin pheonix lasagna lawsuit salesuk poundgb princes cleaner princer pricier expense psychic patriot propers pricked panders pinning phineas prosper portals painter puzzled purview postage puzzles prelude pianist potting posting porting portend portent paijama pegasus pancras pepsico planter petrols pacific prisons pizzazz poodles pottery phenols parcels pentene pentane pumpkin protein propane postbox parlors parlour plywood powders pokemon pickles poorlaw pickups picture picnics pompous pinocio pinoche pea palaces payment payroll paradox potatos pistole playing popcorn phoning pleaded pension putzler plaster primate

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