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I am manmade but go where they cannot. People always look up to me in awe.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 46 / 675
Incorrect Guesses
planes probes drones robots baloon rovers lights ballon blimps compas flashl ghhhjh heavan heaven towers rokcet camera helico aeropl clouds pizzar riddle bottle bottlr rrttdw ladder sendgf yogurt underw airpla happen sunlig gdfgfg shejew rivers nature coffee hevean awhat. tattis jesuss radios plaine statue missle spirit balooriddle rookkt dtrump dreams rooket selfie plains mirror person idkpls sateli planet choper choppe urrmom albert cyborg aaaaaa todler tunnel trumps bitchs babies ss rocmet tunnrl statio dfjasd wonder shadow boooks jehova aliens answer monste

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was GeekGirls
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