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A musical stronghold that is said to be filled with gold.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 5 / 173
Incorrect Guesses
hiphops classic falseto falsett trumpet chamber voyager castles caverns lostarc records musicbo pianoss carnige goldbox strongh chocole musical vatican fortuen capital harmony soprano freedom idknoww abcdefg mom goldend ing whatthe idontan dungeon violins jjhkj.k helpmen n..nkhh 1234567 melodys feedbox fazenda fairway studios asdfasd banksaf theater theatre factory capitol daptone sunvolt idkhaha tubbbaa fiefdom measure hcvfddc boatttt ejrgnql dinosjd treasur zdfgaer fandoms fantasy fantisy fiddles lnyhbtg faculty females fortnox sssssss fortify facials funeral asdaasd dynasty owlnest frankia francia fiction yoyoyoy camolot elvenar

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was CyrictheMad
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