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Play with your stick but don't scratch your balls.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 17 / 116
Incorrect Guesses
baseballs ballfield ballfouls bullseyes ballshots breakshot bludgeons bespatter bellibone basswoods bandicoot baccarats baguettes bushwhack bullhorns broadaxes brochette bicyclist bedribble bedstraws bollixing bowarrows bretwalda bordereau bullyrock buckaroos buckboard bulkheads bundobust buckthorn bugleweed bulldozer boondocks beachball pingpongs tennisbal blanching ballparks ballpoint benchwarm bouzoukis boatrower boatrowin biscutate brambling beavering batholith burrowing bungalows branching bobolinks boycotted billowing billarded billardga battalion bandwidth boomerang bacillary babushkas ballyhoos babbitted bedlamite barbecues barbecuin baksheesh badminton backswing backlashs ballgames bagatelle backsword broomball ballhocke pooltable eightball padleball paddlebal golfclubs umbrellas 8ballpool

The first person to correctly answer this riddle was SirSaam
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