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When alone I stand still. When I flow and am next to a magnet, I move away.

Number of correct answers vs guesses: 11 / 59
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Incorrect Guesses
northpole currentss magnesium aluminium electrons repulsion currentss conductio southpole electrics electrons electricy electrons comducter condukter soundwave soundwave diamagnet diamagnet compounds lodestone electrons electrics southpole southpole northpole solenoids electrons stainless opposites magnetism magnetsss electrons magnettio electrics computers forceeeee viceversa viceversa powerfull onemagnet twomagnet jjnjnkjnn nnhhnhnhn hbhhhbhbh hbhbhbbhb nnhnhbhhb hinjnjnjn electrons diamagnet electrons induction electrics magnetics liquidyou magnetism microwave metaliron waterwate
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