Hotels, Bovines, a Biblical person, and a ceremony: what do they have in common?

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Bobby of Baltimore balloon yards, so uncanny considering kindly sarcasm...

by anon at 01:52pm, 17 May 2021

Very funny

by BobbyD at 05:45pm, 17 May 2021


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I don't have wings but I'm always flying
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Do the ? a window to your soul missing a letter
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Young William is going to give a testament.
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You can say it, break it, write it, reveal it, in reality or fantasy what is it?
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If you consume me, sooner than later you will make your maker. I am not needed by people who have enough wealth to have me. I am possessed by the homeless and the poor. What am I?
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I once was treasure hunting in the woods. I came upon a man that had a pack on and it was open. He motioned to the right of him to his friend that was laying there on the ground dead, who also had a pack on him, however...
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The leader of our continent, a guy with lots of mettle, 2 spiders, a bird part, a Norse God, a doctor with a banner year.
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In the 5th, we remember In the 7th, we are free! In the 9th, we work hard and make a child In the spring, we celebrate the sunrise When we are done, we have walked in someone else's shoes.
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Shes a star, that others wish upon in hopes of having their dreams come true. A firefly, is deeply in love with her.


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