I take this with me wherever I go and you can only notice it if you look very carefully, although it is otherwise invisible. It only sometimes tells the truth and it changes often throughout the whole day. What is it?


Incorrect Guesses
this path self aura mouf morl maiz mase male myst mawi mere moth modd moan mesh mops moda mean malt mast mirr pone phoe mapp trus secr smil brea hhhh jhhu gfgf lead fate hjkf shad soul halo feel nope star book hope sock germ coat shoe foot pant watc heat ligh ssun baby cloc gvvv mudw poop shit dick boob tone atti trou iqwd idka bobs head spot tear ears jkhj skin hair maps mins mort leer wood love life live yzab uvwx qrst mnop ijkl efgh abcd mama moms mein body mope scar ring maze mude meat mays meme mids milt mily mock mojo moot musk moxa mull mute many mark mete mite moat matt meek meta miff mike mile mate math luck mien melt milk mice mold mini menu lies eyes lids atom word mout mote memo mans mano malm mach mozo murs murr murt mutt make myth must muse mugs mugg maxi mawn maun mana mair mabe maar most mist mest mire myre wind ipad news nose pose look face meal mane move mint main mill mall mail mars mine mole molr mode moxy time mood moon mind
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