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My face is long and runny, my mind is easy to look into, and my arms are something everyone likes to feel. (Hint: I have multiple meanings, one of them refers to a sport position)

Number of correct answers vs guesses: 10 / 710
The first user to correctly answer this riddle was jonnypants
Incorrect Guesses
stopper sweeper defense dolphin dolphin fjdjdjd ghgjjgg cardamo baggyyy baggyyy plastic helloja footbal footbal 1234567 hidesou hideous olympic program powerup catcher forwari octopus pulsers puddles monkies puppies carpets pirates aaaaaaa pitbull bulldog noodles pancake paddles es penguin process wdsdfdf pursuit pudding photons protons pancake popcorn prodigy privacy privacz privity parents partner promise bitches problem privacy program polenta pastime partner persone pillows
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