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Sciency and old, not a nerd, but I do math homework in English. I can grow easily and feed others. Sometimes I am like at war.

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 11 / 148
Incorrect Guesses
wizard pencil flower teache number algebr succes smiles engine physic spellt steven platur sniper webmat askjas sckmas asklcm klasca rkmewl druglo einste stephe hawkin sicccc musicc maruja firefg histor hissto schooo scholl shoole skhool shcool someth vfhvds steams shoesh pottat secret savior saviot afwasf awfswa wfawfa fkfwaf friend 123456 lalala penlci newton idkkkk retard yurlei issaic russia sugars albert sysops syrups marker google father mother supply german parent slothe slueth sleuth fungus jjjjjj square stoned sailor saints static silent lazerr myself

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