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I'm a sophisticated system for harnessing the energy produced by nuclear reactions. I'm biggest in China, but there might be one close to you too. What am I? [non-plural form]

Number of correct guesses vs incorrect: 2 / 159
Incorrect Guesses
powerstation plasmadevice particlebeam plutoniumore powerreactor photographic photographer plantstation plantreactor nuclearplant photovolatic chickennugge airpollution nuclearreact reproduction smogdetector powernetwork powersupplie nuclearpower radioactives nulearfusion nucleareactr powewstation anuclearplan nuclearwords nucularenery kimchiactive graphitecore nuclearplsnt nuclaerplant nucularplant reactorcores windturbines solarppanels candureactor mymother waterreactor steamturbine splituranium uraniumsplit nucleussplit splitnucleus splitneutron powerturbine atomsplicing powerplanter powercompany pressuretank poweradaptor powersourced powersourcer powerhousing whatwhatwhat conductional convectional ssssssssssss seeemilyplay watercooling chainreactor thermalplant powaaaaaaaaa idontknowyet energysource twophaseflow uareconfusin heatexchange spinnyzapzap heatexcanger nonrenewable boilingwater collantwater watercoolant plantsssssss areactorcore igonefission wallfissions fissionwalls gasdiffusion heatingwater eletricmotor containments

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