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A man and a woman wanted to run away together to get married, but the woman's father didn't want them to be married. On the night they were supposed to make their escape, the man crawled up to the woman's window and saw something on her bed that immediately told him they couldn't run away. What was it?

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deadpersn pregnancy coffinbed checkbook clocktime christmas chaperone herfather pregnancy daughters ggggggggg boyfriend hercorpse comforter restraint handcuffs herfather something herfather herfather herfather handcuffs kingsmens kingsmens plaintiff kingsuard trapdoors obituarie adearjohn overwears underwear legsnarms passports underwear clergyman clergyman clergymen churchmen churchman chlorosis chlorosis cellblock catatonic catalysis catalepsy carnivore caretaker caregiver captivity cameraman clergyman comforter confronte wheelchai handcuffs blindness paralyzed paralysis deadonbed herpetdog herpetcat
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