Riddlewot is a website with riddles made by whoever correctly guesses the front page riddle.

Our aim is to provide users with unique riddles and an experience unlike no other website, we've built Riddlewot to be a social platform and allow users to communicate with each other while also providing insightful riddle statistics and information.

How do I submit a riddle?

One of the main goals as a user of Riddlewot would be to correctly answer the "front page" riddle, by doing this, you'll then have the option to submit your own unique riddle for others around the world to try and solve. We currently have around 10,000 unique riddles in our database for you to sort through, each riddle provides you with insightful data as to other user guesses and the percentage of users who've correctly answered the riddle.

I'm stuck, how can I get a hint?

There a few options to help you with riddles you're stuck on, firstly on any riddle page you will find a tab labelled "Help", you will be given options to reveal the first letter at a small cost, otherwise if you're lucky enough to have a riddle unlock key you may choose to use it to reveal the answer. You could also message the user directly or jump on the riddlewot chat. We also offer a riddlewot starter pack which unlocks all the features of riddlewot and includes unlock keys to reveal answers instantly.

How do I get Riddlewot coins?

Any riddle you correctly answer will automatically add coins to your account, you can see your coin balance and many other site options by clicking the top right user icon.

How do I change my user avatar?

Simply access your profile page via the user icon located in the top right hand side of your screen and click your profile avatar to select another.

I've forgotten my password, help!

Our login system will offer a password reset after 3 unsuccessful attempts, you will be sent a code to your saved email address and then be able to create a new password.

Who can I talk to regarding marketing or advertising opportunities?

You can contact us via our profile here or alternatively send us an email - admin [at] riddlewot dot com