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[12:11] Riddlewot: Thirty-two white horses on a red hill. When you talk, they move. When youre silent, they stand still. They can be lost, but replaced only once.

[07:05] guestde31: any riddles for music room?

[06:21] guest7199: hey all

[06:22] guest7199: i got 3 hard riddles anyone can help ?

[06:28] guest7199: Riddle 1:The beat of your heart when you listened from the startwill give you the key three you need to succeed.

[09:41] quill: rtyrty

[01:39] guest51b1: h

[01:39] guest51b1: hi?

[01:40] guest51b1: anybody there?

[11:12] guest5ad5: hi

[03:03] Innocuous: I'm sick of riddles that have indefinite articles and other grammatical garbage when the answer is clearly a noun. "A (fill in the blank)". Current front page is my rant example

[11:01] Riddlewot: lol, fair enough. Would you like me to make you an administrator so you can process the submissions

[02:26] guestaec7: hi

[03:52] Innocuous: I'm not on RW enough to justify the administrator role XD so I shouldn't be complaining

[07:56] Innocuous: RW, I will fearlessly administrate the riddles as I find opportunity to do so :D

[08:02] Innocuous: The FP has the indefinte article "a" removed so the answer is one word.

[04:46] midnite: How do u earn exp?

[05:09] Innocuous: RW should have all the criteria, but in a nutshell, solve riddles! And submit riddles for Riddlewot users to solve!

[04:37] Innocuous: Hey Riddlers, the front page answer was a full sentence. I've updated the answer to the single noun, which is the effective opposite of a statement. I should have fixed this earlier, my apologies for the delay.

[03:25] Riddlewot: Thank you boobie pookie

[12:11] guest8e54: hmmmmmm,mmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmm

[04:20] Innocuous: Ah my old Riddlewot handle! The thought provoking front page "disappears and appears" is a four word answer without spaces that I approved without thinking into it. Gonna be one word shortly, and adjective beginning with the letter "h" and ends with the letter "n", 6 letters. Enjoy.

[10:12] Innocuous: AN adjective! Grammar!

[05:30] guest0716: wowowowowowowowwowowowo

[05:41] Innocuous: Front page six word answer no spaces preceeded by the article "a": "ablankblankblankblankblank"

[04:04] guest8a2e: hi

[04:04] guest8a2e: how to create riddle im new

[09:18] Innocuous: Hi! Click on "Riddles" and go to the bottom of the selections to "Riddle Generator" and give that a try. There are many riddles on line that may provide some inspiration.

[09:19] Innocuous: Try to keep it simple with a single word answer. The possibilities are astronomical when the answer is any longer.

[04:41] guest6ae9: ok thanks

[09:58] guest0fa7: yes lads

[09:58] guest0fa7: add my snap

[09:58] guest0fa7: b-t05

[04:38] guestb006: hi

[04:41] Innocuous: Current FP riddle: "What has four legs and doesn't move?" Recent submission after FP posted: "What has four legs and doesn't move a bit?" Pu-leeze.