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[12:20] Riddlewot: light or night mode.... what's your fav?

[12:25] Riddlewot: mine would have to be night

[01:59] JimmYc: hiya all

[12:35] guest553d: kk

[12:53] Will: hi!

[11:46] Riddlewot: Hi

[10:58] guestffaa: Hi Riddlewot! is login button working? can't login to the new web site :(

[11:44] Riddlewot: As far as I can tell.... could try hitting "forgot password" on login page and reset password

[02:17] Martialarts: Hello

[02:17] Riddlewot: hi

[11:57] Thorns_: Wow, haven't been here in a few years

[04:26] Riddlewot: Welcome Back :)

[08:38] bledfordays: This website is amazing

[03:34] Lisa: I know right :)

[08:21] lcfrd: Wow, there have been some big changes since I was last on. Has the ability to see the length and first letter been scrapped? And the previous guesses?

[08:23] lcfrd: And the ability to spend coins to unlock riddles?

[08:32] Riddlewot: there will be some new features in the pipeline. Still trying to think of way to allow users to spend their existing coins, as coins have been removed.

[07:16] Riddlewot: ........ pretty quiet around here

[09:28] guest0fb3: hey riddlewot

[09:28] guest0fb3: i am kyx but forgot what email i used to sign up

[09:28] guest0fb3: and lost accesss to it

[10:36] guest0fb3: Now I cant log in

[07:53] Riddlewot: can you email hello@riddlewot.com with your new email address please.

[02:43] guestffe9: done

[05:30] Riddlewot: ok, you should receive an email with a password reset.

[06:40] Kyx: thanks

[03:59] Kyx: i havent been on for 2 years, o come on and see you get a badge for having 50 approved riddles

[03:59] Kyx: and i have 49

[01:02] Kyx: night mode is best mode

[08:46] guest0e01: hello there

[08:46] guest0e01: wait

[08:46] guest0e01: i forgot to register

[07:50] Riddlewot: hello

[04:19] guestd0d0: Hi people

[09:07] maaross: Hey, anybody there?